New Mexico, by statute, requires a charter school to employ a lottery selection process, if the total number of applicants exceeds the space available, 22-8B-4.1 NMSA (1978). A charter school will need to use a lottery selection process any time the total number of applicants exceeds the spaces available.

Lottery Process

Returning students and their siblings are given first priority in returning for the concurrent year. However, they still are required to submit a letter of intent to return. Meanwhile, all other students are encouraged and asked to submit a letter of interest beginning on March 9th. When all returning and sibling students are plugged into the available slots, a lottery will be held on May 14th by random draw to fill the remaining slots. As names are drawn, they will be placed on a list to determine the waitlist. Students who do not return their registration packets 

Enrollment & Lottery Dates

March 9th : Enrollment Forms Available April 24th : Enrollment Forms Due

May 14th, 4:00pm : Lottery Held

May 18th-19th : Onsite Registration

May 20th : Last Day to Turn in Registration Packets to Secure Your Child's Spot

Interested in enrolling your child or have questions about the 2020-2021 Lottery? Please print the New Student enrollment form below or call us at 505.771.0555 if you have more questions. 

-Please access the New Student enrollment form here.

-Acceso a la forma para estudiantes nuevos aqui.

-Fax it to 505-771-9071 or email the form to 

-Returning students and sibling students will receive their forms from the school, beginning today, March 9th, 2020.



Call (505) 771-0555

Fax (505) 771-9071

Jackie Rodriguez, Director/Principal

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